This refreshing wine is full of fruit. We recommend chilled with fresh fruit.

  • Silver- 2018 Wines of the South Competition

Blue Bear Hill

Sweet, with a crisp fresh blueberry finish

Tart n'Blue

18% Fortified Dessert wine with sweet blueberries and tangy lemon zest.

  • Silver 2017 Asheville International Wine Festival Competition

Bearly Peach

A semi-sweet wine with a perfect hint of peach.

  • Gold 2017- Asheville International Wine Festival Competition

Duncan Hollow

18% port-style wine has bold flavors of aromas of fig, chocolate, and cinnamon

  • Double Gold Medal- 2017 Asheville International Wine Festival

  • Gold Medal- 2015 Asheville Food & Wine Festival

  • Gold Medal-2015 Wines of the South Competition

Black Bear Ridge

A sweet, fruity blend of grapes & blackberries. 

  • Silver Medal- 2015 Mid-Atlantic Southeast Wine Competition

  • Silver Medal-  2013  Wines of the South

Laurel Creek Surprise

Fruity bouquet with hints of raspberry and chocolate.

  • Silver Medal- 2013 Wines of the South

  • Silver Medal- 2011 Winemaker Magazine

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